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LTD Youth Bass Fishing Clinic
July 26-30 2021

Living the Dream Guide Service is pleased to announce our annual Youth Bass Fishing Clinic. This intense training is targeted toward young anglers between the ages of 12 to 17, that are wanting to fish at the high school and/or college level. Our goal is to provide detailed instruction & practice so these youth can excel at bass fishing.

Our instructors have all been involved with professional fishing for many years. Our goal is to introduce fishing to the next generation of anglers whether it be for pleasure or for a career in fishing. We will start with some basics and move you through specific techniques of professional fishing.

  • Each angler will have approximately 20 hours on the water
  • You'll learn how to choose tackle & techniques
  • Get Tips & Tricks from the pros
  • Speak with tackle & equipment reps
  • Have an understanding of tournament fishing
  • Compete for cash & prizes in a casting competition
  • Compete for cash & prizes in a team tournament


LTD or "Living the Dream" Guide Service is a premier guide service on Toledo Bend. Our guides have been fishing professionally and/or guiding for up to 30 years. Fishing is what they do! Visit our website at We have teamed up with great guides and representatives from top fishing equipment manufacturers to bring a comprehensive class to young anglers. We promise a week of fun learning!!
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Image may be subject to copyright


The class will be held on world renowned Toledo Bend, named #1 Bass Fishing Lake in the United States in 2015 & 2016 by Bassmaster Magazine. Toledo Bend has made history with the amount of bass that have been caught that weigh over 10 lbs. The reservoir covers 185,000 acres and has over 1100 miles of shoreline.


  • Lodging will be determined after registration is complete depending on the number of participants.

  • The price of the 2022 clinic is $1800.00 and includes all classes, boating activities, tackle, tournament, lodging & meals. Upon registration someone will contact you concerning a deposit of $900.

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Lure Selection
This class well teach how to determine what type of lure to choose under any given conditions based on weather, body of water, cover & structure.

Worm Fishing
The most consistent lure made for fishing any situation is the worm. Harold Allen will break this down and demonstrate time, place, & application techniques.

Frog Fishing
Frog fishing has become more technical and involved. John Dean will show several varieties of frogs and techniques to use for each one. He will cover seasonal patterns and color selection.

Grass Fishing
Grass is a predominant structure on most southern lakes. The guide will show how largemouth use the grass, how to fish it, and how you can land a big one.

Crankbait Fishing
In depth lesson on crankbaits. We will cover all the different crankbait categories, along with color selection, retrieve techniques, and rod, reel & line selection
Angler Ethics, Attitude & Image
In the world of tournament fishing ethics, attitude and image could make all the difference in how far you go.

Boat Control
In bass fishing, placing your lure where it needs to be is crucial. In order to do that you must be able to use the trolling motor to control the boat. We'll give you some tips & tricks to do just that.

Seasonal Patterns
Determining seasonal patterns is vital in locating & catching bass year round.

Reading Electronics
Understanding your electronics is essential to locating bass. This class will educate the anglers on how to utilize information produced by marine electronics.

Fish Biology & Care
Knowing how to handle and care for the fish is important to all anglers & the lakes they fish.

Knot Tying
How to properly tie the right knot for different fishing techniques.


Each class will be divided into two groups, the Blue Group and the Yellow Group. Each of these teams will be furthur divided in two teams, Blue 1 and Blue 2 and Yellow 1 and Yellow 2. At any point during the class each group may be doing different activities, but all groups will take part in every activity. Please be sure to know which group and which team you are on.
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Ace Attitude Award - An award will be given to the angler with the best all around attitude during the clinic.

Pitchin/Flippin Contest - During the week each angler will be individually coached on casting techniques and you'll have multiple chances to practice for the competition.

Most Improved - Our goal is to improve every aspect of fishing for the participants. An award will be given to the most improved during the week.


On Friday, all anglers will participate in a team tournament. The rules are as follows:

1. Two person teams will be selected from a random drawing.
2. Each team has approximately 6 hours of fishing time.
3. Team members must make all decisions concerning fishing.
4. Each team will be assigned a boat, the boat captain is not allowed to coach anglers.
5. All boats will launch from designated site.
6. Boats must be back for official weigh-in at announced time.
7. Checking in late will be cause for disqualification.
8. There will be a .50 lb penalty for any dead fish.
9. All anglers must possess a Louisiana or Texas fishing license, follow the link on our FAQ page.
10. Life vests must be worn at all times when boat motor is being used.
11. Trolling motors must be controlled by anglers.
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Gloria and her husband JT own and operate Living the Dream Guide Service. Please contact Gloria if you have any questions concerning the camp at or 318-990-9191.

Matt has been fishing on Toledo Bend all of his life. He fished on Louisiaa Tech's fishing team for 5 years at which time he travelled around the nation fishing collegiate tournaments on several circuits. Matt knows the ins and outs of collegiate fishing teams & collegiate tournament fishing. He posted numerous top 10 finishes, including one FLW win and qualified for the national championships every year of his college career. Matt has had a great year, winning an event and placing 2nd in another. He is now fishing the Bassmaster Opens. Matt guides with Living the Dream Guide Service
Harold has fished professionally since 1970. He has fished BASS 29 years and has qualified for the Bassmaster Classic 15 times. His finishes includes a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th place. He continues to work with BASS, helping with many events. Harold was inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame in 2015. He continues to fish several tournament series and guides professionally for Living the Dream Guide service on Toledo Bend.

Dave Mansue
Dave Mansue is a Bassmaster Open Champion, having won the Bassmaster Northern Open, Upper Chesapeake Bay in April, 2009. He is a professional tournament angler having competed in the BASS Opens and the FLW Costa and Toyota Series. Dave has qualified for three (3) Toyota Texas Bass Classics and five (5) Costa Series Championships.


Dave Mansue will be back again this year and we hope to have several guest speakers on board, schedule permitting, these include:

James Hall - Editor of Bassmaster Magazine